Package com.aliasi.stats

Classes for handling basic statical distributions and estimators.


Interface Summary
DiscreteDistribution A DiscreteDistribution provides a probability distribution over long integer outcomes.
Model<E> A Model represents a generic interface for classes that estimate probabilities of objects.

Class Summary
AbstractDiscreteDistribution An AbstractDiscreteDistribution provides a default abstract implementation of discrete distributions.
AnnealingSchedule An AnnealingSchedule instance implements a method to return the learning rate for a specified epoch.
BernoulliConstant A BernoulliConstant implements a Bernoulli distribution with a constant probability of success.
BernoulliDistribution A BernoulliDistribution is a multivariate distribution with two outcomes, 0 (labeled "failure") and 1 (labeled "success").
BernoulliEstimator A BernoulliEstimator provides a maximum likelihood estimate of a Bernoulli distribution.
BinomialDistribution A BinomialDistribution is a discrete distribution over the number of successes given a fixed number of Bernoulli trials.
LogisticRegression A LogisticRegression instance is a multi-class vector classifier model generating conditional probability estimates of categories.
MultinomialDistribution A MultinomialDistribution results from drawing a fixed number of samples from a multivariate distribution.
MultivariateConstant A MultivariateConstant provides a multinomial distribution with constant probabilities and labels.
MultivariateDistribution A MultivariateDistribution implements a discrete distribution over a finite set of outcomes numbered consecutively from zero.
MultivariateEstimator A MultivariateEstimator provides a maximum likelihood estimator of a multivariate distribution based on training samples.
OnlineNormalEstimator An OnlineNormalEstimator provides an object that estimates means, variances, and standard deviations for a stream of numbers presented one at a time.
PoissonConstant A PoissonConstant implements a Poisson distribution with a fixed mean.
PoissonDistribution The PoissonDistribution abstract class is used for calculating Poisson distributions.
PoissonEstimator A PoissonEstimator implements the maximum likelihood Poisson distribution given training events.
PotentialScaleReduction The PotentialScaleReduction class provides an online computationa of Rhat, the potential scale reduction statistic for measuring mixing and convergence of multiple Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) samplers.
RegressionPrior A RegressionPrior instance represents a prior distribution on parameters for linear or logistic regression.
Statistics The Statistics class provides static utility methods for statistical computations.
ZipfDistribution The ZipfDistribution class provides a finite distribution parameterized by a positive integer number of outcomes with outcome probability inversely proportional to the rank of the outcome (ordered by probablity).

Package com.aliasi.stats Description

Classes for handling basic statical distributions and estimators.