Package com.aliasi.spell

Classes for spelling correction and edit distance.


Interface Summary
SpellChecker The SpellChecker interface specifies a single method for first-best spelling correction.

Class Summary
AutoCompleter An AutoCompleter maintains a dictionary of phrases with counts and provides suggested completions based on prefix matching by weighted edit distance and phrase likelihood.
CompiledSpellChecker The CompiledSpellChecker class implements a first-best spell checker based on models of what users are likely to mean and what errors they are likely to make in expressing their meaning.
EditDistance The EditDistance class implements the standard notion of edit distance, with or without transposition.
FixedWeightEditDistance A FixedWeightEditDistance sets constant weights for the edit operations for weighted edit distance.
JaccardDistance The JaccardDistance class implements a notion of distance based on token overlap.
JaroWinklerDistance The JaroWinklerDistance class implements the original Jaro string comparison as well as Winkler's modifications.
SpellEvaluator The SpellEvaluator provides an evaluation harness for spell checkers.
TfIdfDistance The TfIdfDistance class provides a string distance based on term frequency (TF) and inverse document frequency (IDF).
TokenizedDistance The TokenizedDistance class provides an underlying implementation of string distance based on comparing sets of tokens.
TrainSpellChecker A TrainSpellChecker instance provides a mechanism for collecting training data for a compiled spell checker.
WeightedEditDistance The WeightedEditDistance class implements both the proximity and distance interfaces based on the negative proximity weights assigned to independent atomic edit operations.

Package com.aliasi.spell Description

Classes for spelling correction and edit distance.