Package com.aliasi.sentences

Classes for sentence-boundary detection.


Interface Summary
SentenceModel The SentenceModel interface specifies a means of doing sentence segmentation from arrays of tokens and whitespaces.

Class Summary
AbstractSentenceModel An AbstractSentenceModel implements a sentence model in terms of the method that adds indices to the collection.
HeuristicSentenceModel A HeuristicSentenceModel determines sentence boundaries based on sets of tokens, a pair of flags, and an overridable method describing boundary conditions.
IndoEuropeanSentenceModel An IndoEuropeanSentenceModel is a heuristic sentence designed primarily for English.
MedlineSentenceModel A MedlineSentenceModel is a heuristic sentence model designed for operating over biomedical research abstracts as found in MEDLINE.
SentenceAnnotateFilter Deprecated. LingPipe is no longer supportintg direct XML annotation; see the generic demos for examples.
SentenceChunker The SentenceChunker class uses a SentenceModel to implement sentence detection through the chunk.Chunker interface.
SentenceEvaluation A SentenceEvaluation stores and reports the results of evaluating a set of reference sentence chunkings and response sentence chunkings.
SentenceEvaluator A SentenceEvaluator handles reference chunkings by constructing a response chunking and adding them to a sentence evaluation.

Package com.aliasi.sentences Description

Classes for sentence-boundary detection.