Package com.aliasi.dict

Classes for handling dictionaries.


Interface Summary
Dictionary<C> The Dictionary interface represents a dictionary as a set of entries.

Class Summary
AbstractDictionary<C> An AbstractDictionary is a dictionary with convenience implementations of most methods.
ApproxDictionaryChunker An ApproxDictionaryChunker implements a chunker that produces chunks based on weighted edit distance of strings from dictionary entries.
DictionaryEntry<C> A DictionaryEntry provides a phrase as a string, an object-based category for the phrase, and a double-valued score.
ExactDictionaryChunker An exact dictionary chunker extracts chunks based on exact matches of tokenized dictionary entries.
MapDictionary<C> A MapDictionary uses an underlying map from phrases to their set of dictionary entries.
TrieDictionary<C> A TrieDictionary stores a dictionary using a character trie structure.

Package com.aliasi.dict Description

Classes for handling dictionaries.