Package com.aliasi.corpus

Classes for parsing and handling various corpora.


Interface Summary
ChunkHandler Deprecated. Use ObjectHandler<Chunking> instead.
ClassificationHandler<E,C extends Classification> Deprecated. Use ObjectHandler with subclass of Classified<E> instead.
Handler The Handler marker interface indicates that a class will be implement a handle method appropriate for a particular Parser.
IntArrayHandler Deprecated. Use ObjectHandler<int[]> instead.
ObjectHandler<E> The ObjectHandler interface specifies a handler with a single method that takes a single argument of the type of the generic paramter.
StringArrayHandler Deprecated. Use ObjectHandler<String[]> instead.
TagHandler Deprecated. Use ObjectHandler with generic type Tagging if no whitespace is involved or StringTagging if whitespace is required.
TextHandler Deprecated. Use ObjectHandler with generic type CharSequence instead.

Class Summary
ChunkHandlerAdapter Deprecated. Use TagChunkCodecAdapters.taggingToChunking(TagChunkCodec,ObjectHandler) instead.
ChunkTagHandlerAdapter Deprecated. Use TagChunkCodecAdapters.chunkingToStringTagging(TagChunkCodec,ObjectHandler) instead.
Corpus<H extends Handler> The Corpus abstract class provides a basis for passing training and testing data to data handlers.
DiskCorpus<H extends Handler> A DiskCorpus reads data from a specified training and test directory using a specified parser.
InputSourceParser<H extends Handler> An InputSourceParser is an abstract parser based on an abstract method for parsing from an input source.
LineParser<H extends Handler> Deprecated. Implement directly.
ListCorpus<E> A ListCorpus implements a corpus based on a list of training and test cases.
Parser<H extends Handler> The Parser abstract class provides methods for parsing content from an input source or character sequence and passing extracted events to a content handler.
StringParser<H extends Handler> A StringParser is an abstract parser based on an abstract method for parsing from a character slice.
XMLParser<H extends Handler> An XMLParser adapts a handler to be used to handle text extracted from an XML source.
XValidatingObjectCorpus<E> An XValidatingObjectCorpus holds a list of items which it uses to provide training and testing items using cross-validation.

Package com.aliasi.corpus Description

Classes for parsing and handling various corpora.