Interface TagHandler

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AbstractHmmEstimator, CharLmHmmChunker, CharLmRescoringChunker, ChunkerEvaluator, ChunkTagHandlerAdapter, HmmCharLmEstimator, HmmEvaluator, TrainTokenShapeChunker

Deprecated. Use ObjectHandler with generic type Tagging if no whitespace is involved or StringTagging if whitespace is required.

public interface TagHandler
extends Handler

The TagHandler interface specifies a single method for operating on an array of tokens, whitespaces and tags. The standard use of a tag handler is as a visitor whose handle method is invoked as a callback by a data parser, such as an implementation of tag parser.

This handler interface does not specify the form of the tags that are being handled. Implementations of tag handlers may be more particular about the form of tags they get. In particular, the begin-in-out (BIO) chunk tagging scheme is described in in ChunkHandlerAdapter.

Bob Carpenter

Method Summary
 void handle(String[] toks, String[] whitespaces, String[] tags)
          Deprecated. Handles the specified tokens, whitespaces and tags.

Method Detail


void handle(String[] toks,
            String[] whitespaces,
            String[] tags)
Handles the specified tokens, whitespaces and tags.

Implementations may throw an illegal argument exception if the number of tokens is not equal to the number of tags, or if the number of whitespaces is not one greater than the number of tokens; implemenetations may also choose to support calls with a null array of whitespaces.

toks - Array of tokens.
whitespaces - Array of whitespaces.
tags - Array of tags.
IllegalArgumentException - If the specified tokens, whitespaces and tags are not well-formed according to the requirements of the handler.