Package com.aliasi.coref

Classes for determining entity coreference within documents.


Interface Summary
Killer An implementation of the killing interface provides a way of defeating a match between a mention and a mention chain.
Matcher An implementation of the matching interface provides a score for matching a mention against a mention chain.
Mention An instance of Mention represents a single mention of a given phrase in context.
MentionChain A MentionChain represents a set of mentions that have been resolved as coreferent in that they refer to the same underlying entity.
MentionFactory A MentionFactory is responsible for creating and merging mentions and mention chains.

Class Summary
AbstractMentionChain An abstract implementation of a mention chain in terms of matching and killing functions.
AbstractMentionFactory The AbstractMentionFactory class implements the mention factory interface using linguistically-motivated abstract methods.
BooleanMatcherAdapter Provides a means of implementing a Matcher that returns a constant value if a boolean condition is satisifed and the no-match score otherwise.
CachedMention A CachedMention stores all of the retun values specified by the Mention interface.
EnglishMentionFactory A mention factory for English phrases.
MentionChainImpl An implementation of mention chains.
WithinDocCoref A WithinDocCoref object handles resolution of coreference relations between mentions of entities.

Package com.aliasi.coref Description

Classes for determining entity coreference within documents.